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1MΩ analog input to prevent loading source output stage.
Analog output duplicating analog input to avoid the need for a Y connection.
MyZIC matches with every headphone impedance and sensitivity.
Log horizontal rotary control for a precise listening level adjustment. Minimal level detection putting MyZIC in standby mode.
Out of standby delay to avoid any turn on thump.
Professional Neutrik headphone 1/4” socket with headphone presence detection. When no headphone is connected, MyZIC will remain in standby mode.
LED status indicator : Red when MyZIC is in standby and White in operation.
85 - 265 Vac / 50 – 60 Hz switch mode power supply, designed by Micromega
for exceptional sonics.
- Headphone minimal impedance ≥16Ω.
- Gain : 12 dB.
- Very low full bandwidth distortion ≤ 0,005% (20 Hz – 20 kHz).
- Very low IMD SMPTE distortion ≤ 0,002%.
- Full power bandwidth : 10 Hz – 100 kHz ± 0,5 dB.
- Signal to noise ratio > 115 dB A weighted.
Textured ABS enclosure.
Available in two colors : White and Black.
Very low standby consumption ( <150 mW).
Unit complies with most stringent power regulations.